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I was pleasantly surprised to find this garland very well made and sturdy! I was hoping to be able to use it for years to come and now that that holidays are over, I can say that this garland WILL definitely be used again and again for a long time! It is akin to some I just tossed last year after decorating my tree for decades with it! When it arrived I thought it was "really flat" and even thought of returning it, but I didn't want that hassle so I thought I'd try to perk it up with a little fluffing but with little confidence this would work, but went ahead anyway. So, I took it out of the "wide cardboard band" the manufacturer had around it and started at one end holding it and then running is through a semi-closed fist on the other hand doing this from both ends of the garland, it worked like a charm making this garland thick, fluffy and so pretty! Also, I thought for sure I'd have pieces of it falling off or shedding when I did this but, believe it or not, I had NOTHING on the carpet...VERY IMPRESSED and I will buy more for next year to put on my mantle and around windows with certainly get what you pay for and in this case it SO TRUE!

Pamela K.

We used this for on top our piano and it works great. We even ripped some parts a part to give it a fluffier look and that worked well too. It doesn't leave a mess and it has a lot more in it than I anticipated.

Jeff Newby

What a deal! This will be enough and then some to make the two Christmas wreaths I'm making. I'll add lights and few mini ornaments and they'll be adorable! This Garland is great quality too, ZERO needles have fallen off and I've been working with it a lot to find the best way to wrap it on my wreath rings.

Breann Kingsbury

Bought this to make a wall tree this year to my surprise it didnt shead at all while trying to put together the design for the wall. My kids even helped so I thought it would of came apart but nope. Loved that there was no mess

Brittany Braun